Thursday, 13 May 2010

Goddess dreams

Last August I saw a vivid dream about the Queen of Soul visiting us in Tampere. In the dream, I had been recruited to host her and attend to all her needs, and I was quite stressed out by the task. She was wearing African clothes, not the ones in the Amazing Grace album cover, but similar ones in blue and brown shades. The photo attached here is the only picture I have found of Aretha from her "African period", which I believe took place in the early 70s. In my dream Aretha was already in her 80s, and much slimmer than she is today. She was glowing with health and good energies. This is why I started calling my dream "a goddess dream" - rarely have I woken up feeling so excited and empowered by my own nocturnal filmmaking.

The goddess dream has not left me. Every now I return to it and wonder about its meaning. After having the dream, I spent days reading about Aretha Franklin's life. And I noticed that I had forgotten her recent performance in Obama's inauguration ceremonies, which I did see and was moved by her singing "My Country ´Tis of Thee".

Maybe the most meaningful Aretha song to me was her duet with Annie Lennox: "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves". I wonder where strong feminist pop music has disappeared. Especially the kind of feminist music that can cross cultural barriers. Global feminist music. Possibly Aretha doesn't call herself feminist, but her singing has empowered women on all continents. By sharing my goddess dream, I would like to celebrate that dimension of her music and life.