Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Still Life

For more than four months, I had nothing to say to the world. The winter and spring were loaded with grief and loss. Now as kids are running around the backyard with serpentine and balloons, racing with their brand new bikes and the whole backyard is filled with grill food smells, one can't hide anymore. It's Valborg, the day before the serious socialist message of workers' solidarity. Tomorrow will be filled with politics, today, just silly loitering without intent.

My writing is slower than ever, but I haven't stopped reading.

Right now I'm getting to know the Icelandic author Haldór Laxness's works (a limited version).
Lately, I've had the pleasure to read the following works of fiction:

Hannu Luntiala: Hommes
Camille Laurens: Mieheni
Shani Mootoo: Hon simmade i havet vid Guanaspar
Jonas Hassan Khemiri: Montecore
Niina Hakalahti: Uimataito
Jacqueline Wilson: Tatuoitu äiti and Kahden kodin välissä
Leena Laulajainen: Lumilinnut
Sirpa Kähkönen: Tulen ja jään kevät
Danzy Senna: From Caucasia with love
Dai Sijie: Mr. Muo's Travelling Couch
Hannu Mäkelä: Ruhtinas unelmain maalla

It's highly likely that some reviews will pop up on this site in the near future.

Now I'll add here another blog, Maahisentie -Pixie Way, which is more focused on my recent adventures with Old Norse and Icelandic culture.

Shivani is still alive and kicking, she just needs some kicks in the arse to keep going...

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Palokka said...

Hei Ystäväni,

Löysin kerran vahingossa blogisi. Ja olen aina välillä käynyt katsomassa, oletko kirjoitellut mitään. Hyvä, että elämä alkaa voittaa. Täällä projekti etenee ja muutto edessä syyskuussa. Tunnistatkohan minua...