Saturday, 3 April 2010

Francophone Africa

Been listening to Amadou and Maryam (a blind couple from Mali, nowadays world stars) for quite a while. I love their more traditional African songs, but the true realization happened when listening to their later hit on Songlines magazine's free CD: the song "Sabali" hit the jackpot last summer, and I wish to purchase the couple's latest two albums ASAP. The latest albums seem to be a curious fusion of electronica, traditional African sounds, combined with instruments from all over the world. The couple have not stood still, but have moved on from being distinctive African artists towards genuine global divas. "Sabali" was mixed and mastered by the ex-Blur singer Damian Albarn, who also seems to have moved from Britpop to world music.

I love African French accents, because they are something even I with my ultimate rusty skills can understand. As I keep on listening, the travel fever increases and I look at the map longingly...

God knows. I know nothing about Mali but the other Mecca of world music, Benin, seems also inviting.

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